Each semester we offer stimulating hands-on workshops across a range of interest areas. Soon after the start of the fall and spring semesters notices are sent out about the dates and costs of each workshop. Interested students are invited to sign up and pay their fees at that time.

Conservation Workshop

The Conservation workshop takes place at our Academic Center. Working alongside a conservator of antiquities, you will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the conservator’s craft by reassembling ceramics and doing aesthetic repairs using plaster and colors. Part of the cost of the workshop is subsidized by CYA.

Marble Workshop

The Marble workshop takes place at an atelier near the Academic Center. You will work on a design of your liking, guided and instructed by experienced marble carvers. Students pay a reduced fee that covers instruction, the cost of the marble and the use of the workshop’s tools and materials. An exhibition of student work takes place at the end of the semester. Read student testimonials here.

3-D Modelling and Digital Archaeology Workshop

The 3-D Modelling and Digital Archaeology Workshop is designed for archaeology students interested in the most recent digital recording methods as well as anyone with an interest in 3-D modelling and aerial imaging. The workshop will meet four times in Athens throughout the semester.

Additional time will be spent during field trips where you will take pictures and videos using an aerial drone, in order to subsequently create models and maps on your computer, using free and/or trial software. Click to get a general idea on  3-D modellingarchaeological photogrammetry3-D modelling, and drone imagery.