On-site Learning & Development Opportunities

" Studying and living abroad has positively expanded my world views as a global citizen. Connecting with new people from all over the world has given me opportunities to learn and grow through shared experiences and conversations about personal, political, and academic situations. Making these connections with other individuals has helped me to expand my network with personal and professional relationships that I know will help in my future."

CYA Workshops

Sharpen your skills and knowledge with a range of CYA-led academic workshops.
Each semester we offer stimulating hands-on workshops across a range of interest areas, free of charge or for a nominal fee. Each series has a specific focus including, legal terminology, poster presentation, ancient technologies, ancient frescoes, byzantine mosaics, 3-D modelling, digital archaeology and more.

Details of available workshops and costs will be shared with students at the beginning of each semester

3D Modelling and Digital Archaeology Workshop CYA Study Abroad in Greece 3-D Modelling and Digital Archaeology Workshop

The 3-D Modelling and Digital Archaeology Workshop is designed for archaeology students interested in the most recent digital recording methods as well as anyone with an interest in 3-D modelling and aerial imaging. The workshop will meet four times in Athens throughout the semester.

Additional time will be spent during field trips where you will take pictures and videos using an aerial drone, in order to subsequently create models and maps on your computer, using free and/or trial software. Click here to get a general idea on  3-D modellingarchaeological photogrammetry3-D modelling, and drone imagery.

CYA Conservation Workshop Study Abroad in Greece College Year in Athens Conservation Workshop

The Conservation workshop takes place at our Academic Center. Working alongside a conservator of antiquities, you will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the conservator’s craft by reassembling ceramics and doing aesthetic repairs using plaster and colors. Part of the cost of the workshop is subsidized by CYA.

Law Terminology Workshop CYA Study Abroad in Greece Legal Terminology Workshop

For Law and Pre Law students who wish to complement their existing skills and expand their knowledge of legal terminology while preparing for their challenging future careers.

Ancient Economies CYA Study Abroad in GreeceAncient Economies Workshop

For history, archaeology, ancient technology, economics, sociology and anthropology students interested in exploring the various political and social units of the central and eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Cyprus and the Syro-Palestinian coast). Delve through periods of fundamental social transformation from the 3rd millennium B.C. to 330 A.D., i.e. from the Bronze Age to the foundation of Constantinople and study land and sea routes, as well as the technological and environmental factors that affect the movement of people, ideas, products, raw materials, knowledge and even diseases.

CYA Poster Presentation WorkshopPoster Presentation Workshop
CYA Ancient Technologies Workshop Study Abroad in Greece College Year in AthensAncient Technologies

Bronze Age Fresco Painting
Metals Workshop

CYA Byzantine Mosaics Study Abroad in Greece College Year in AthensByzantine Mosaics Workshops

Creative Activities

Marble Workshop

The Marble workshop takes place at an atelier near the Academic Center. You will work on a design of your liking, guided and instructed by experienced marble carvers. Students pay a reduced fee that covers instruction, the cost of the marble and the use of the workshop’s tools and materials. An exhibition of student work takes place at the end of the semester. Read student testimonials here.

A lesson in carving - read the story on our blog!

Guest Lectures and Events

We regularly host free on-campus academic lectures by expert guest speakers who present their research and prompt discussion on current issues or topics of debate. This is a unique opportunity to network with the local community and academia. Guest speakers among the top in their field, in various classes.

CYA students attend International conferences within Greece and Europe including the renowned annual Delphi Economic Forum.

CYA Student Conference

The CYA Annual Student Conference, held every spring, is open to CYA students as well as to students from Greek or foreign universities. The conference aims to provoke broad-based and multi-disciplinary discussion on a chosen topic. Participants include undergraduate students of CYA, U.S. institutions, and Universities in Greece. 

Click here to find out more about the
2019 Annual CYA Student Conference

Learning and Development

  • Practicums and service learning opportunities are available  relative to students' interests/major.
  • Language lab (free of charge): assistance for all levels of Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin
  • Writing lab (free of charge): assistance for writing research papers, article review, even note-taking techniques 
  • Guest speakers from among top in their field, in various classes.
  • Guest Lecturers – events open to the public on topics of interest to CYA students.
  • Participation in Greece-based events relevant to field of studies (Philosophy conferences, Delphi Economic Forum, EU-related conferences, etc.)