LIT 348

Becoming a Traveler: Writing in Greece (Athens, Poros)

Major Discipline(s):
Summer Session I (May 27 - June 22, 2019)

A course on Creative Writing for Non-Fiction (Athens, Poros island)

When asked what makes good travel writing, author Rory Maclean stated: “A book that is written from the heart. As a reader, I want to know how a journey affected the writer, what he or she learned through the trip, and how he or she was changed by the experience”.

This course will use the study and practice of creative non-fiction forms to introduce students to new ways of engaging with the world. We will also explore various questions that arise when writing travel literature for the page or the screen: How does one write about a foreign country or people with a sense of respect for diversity? In what ways do our expectations and our actual perceptions of a place juxtapose, merge or align? How can one build a narrative that offers an argument? And, how do we translate this argument for different media – from the essay to the short documentary?

Finally, by using Greece as a lens to examine the ways authors draw on the rich myth, history and literary tradition of the place, students will hone their critical thinking and writing skills, as well as learn how traveling is first of all a process that makes the authors discover more about themselves.