Urban Sustainability: Theory and Case Studies in Greece

Major Discipline(s):
Environmental Studies, Urbanism & Sustainability
Spring Semester

The course provides an exploration of how the contemporary discourse on the ever-evolving concept of sustainability, transforms the ways we produce and manage built space.

The environmental, but also the social and economic implications of the ways we plan and construct human settlements, and particularly cities and infrastructure, will be traced and discussed. Students will be introduced to approaches and methodologies for setting and achieving sustainability targets across spatial scales, from buildings to city planning. These concepts will be juxtaposed with the reality of large urban projects, currently in progress in Athens amidst the special conditions created by the current financial situation that will shape the city for the next decades. The case studies will be approached through site visits and discussions with stakeholders involved. The course will offer a solid understanding of the complex concept of sustainable development but most importantly help develop analytical and critical thinking before the issues and the challenges involved.