ANTH 326

Tasting Culture: Nordic and Mediterranean Food, Tradition, and Nutrition (Denmark: Copenhagen, island of Samso || Greece: Athens, island of Naxos)

Major Discipline(s):
Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Sociology
Related Disiplines:
Environmental Studies
New Partnership Course With DIS - (July 4 - August 2, 2019)

CYA and DIS [Study Abroad in Scandinavia] will be offering a joint summer course from July 4 to August 2, 2019, with two weeks in Copenhagen (including a Short Study Tour to the island of Samsø) and two weeks in Athens (including a Short Study Tour to the island of Naxos). The course will be co-taught by DIS and CYA faculty, Anders Larsen and Aimee Placas. Over four weeks, students will explore Denmark and Greece -allowing them to understand both the commonalities and the differences that such forces bring to food and cuisine, as well as people’s imagination and inventiveness in creating something to eat. Thus, students will have a profound understanding that the food they eat is so much more than the fuel for survival, and how other forces, often invisible to us in our everyday lives, shape how we eat.