Semester Programs

We place an emphasis on learning beyond the classroom, offering you a hands-on experience in the rich environment of Greece. Many classes are held on-site adding a new dimension to learning and a global understanding of the subject. We offer an extensive curriculum at the junior-year level. Our course offerings are complemented by study-travel to important historical sites, designed to enrich classroom material and give you a deeper understanding of Greece. All courses are taught in English.

On-Site Classes

All CYA courses make use of the abundant resources in Athens and of what can be seen or experienced directly. The Archaeology and Art History courses provide a wealth of opportunities to study authentic materials and original artifacts on-site and in the world renowned museums of Athens. Courses from other disciplines also bring you in direct contact with the local community – such as courses in service learning, environment, government, immigration and Modern Greek.

Course Levels

All CYA courses are designed for upper-level undergraduates, and may be taken at two levels -- those with three-hundred numbers and those with four-hundred numbers, which are more specialized and academically more demanding.

Though all our courses are rigorous and require serious academic work, we recognize that CYA students are drawn from diverse backgrounds and institutions with varying experiences in the subjects they will be studying. Accordingly, all three hundred-level courses are designed as a first exposure to the subject, and are of general interest and wide in scope. However, some three-hundred-level classes, particularly in Ancient Greek Studies, are designed for students with some background in the subject, and are indicated as such in their description. Please read the descriptions of all the courses we offer carefully before choosing your academic program to make sure what you select is appropriate for you.

Qualified students can opt to take any three-hundred-level courses at the four-hundred level by formally declaring their intention to do so and completing reading and writing assignments similar in size and scope to those expected in four-hundred-level courses. Courses listed as four-hundred-level are seminars on special topics and are reserved for those able to engage in advanced work.


The semesters listed for each course indicate when the course is usually offered. The schedule may be altered before the beginning of the semester. Final course offerings and schedules for fall and spring semesters are posted in May and November respectively.

Modern Greek

Unless required by the home institution, Modern Greek Language courses are not mandatory but are strongly recommended. The vast majority of CYA students enroll in first semester Modern Greek. For students who have taken Modern Greek before coming to Athens, We offer a range of language classes from Beginners II (second semester of first year) to Advanced II (second semester of third year).

For those who wish to take Modern Greek beyond the introductory level and whose needs are not met by the regular courses offered, we may provide additional classes if there is sufficient demand. Please contact the Academic Director for further information.