Winter Fees

Financial Information: Voula Dig 2019

All fees are quoted in U.S. $

Course fees: $1,250

Tuition: $1,000
Housing & Administrative Fees: $250*
Total Course Fees: $1,250

* Students who are enrolled in CYA's spring semester need only pay the tuition fee of $1,000.

The course fees cover tuition, housing in CYA apartments or hotel units, course materials, and visits to related archaeological sites. 
Fees do not cover personal travel (including travel between home and the location of the course in Greece), meals, personal belongings insurance, medical care or insurance, personal expenses and incidentals. 

Students will be responsible for their own food, and will use public transportation (metro/buses) between the center of Athens, where CYA apartments are located, and the excavation site in Voula, or the other sites. The commute to the site of Voula takes approximately 40 minutes each way. Weekends will be free.