CYA Student Conference

CYA Student Conference

Our 2nd Student Conference will take place at the CYA Academic Centre in Athens on May 2 and 3, 2018.

"Concepts of Urban Design and Public Space in Greece Throughout the Ages"

The conference is designed to suit a broad based and multi-disciplinary discussion on varying aspects of both urban planning and utilization of public space in major urban centers in Greece from antiquity down to the modern age. Its primary aim is to provide fresh insight on the main human or material factors (including political, social, economic, religious and cultural ones) that determined the layout, change, development and evolution of public space within designated and specific civilian settlements; in addition, major emphasis will be placed on how these urban centers are being experienced by their inhabitants at the time, along with the usual tensions and challenges that manifest themselves during times of transition and change.

JOHN KARAVAS CYA Ancient History Professor (Chair)
THEONI SCOURTA  CYA Vice President for Academic Affairs 
MARIA VIDALI CYA Contemporary Urbanism Professor

Click here to read the 2018 CYA 2nd Annual Student Conference Program