Academic Field Trips

Learn while exploring Greece

Experience historically and culturally significant sites and regions first-hand, interact with the people and landscape of Greece. CYA-led field trips are an essential part of the CYA curriculum and supplement the academic program. The cost of three field trips ( a total of twelve days) is included in the fees.

Destinations: Peloponnese, Delphi and either Crete (fall) or Thessaloniki (spring)

Before, During and After Each Trip

Pre-departure lectures - cover the historical background and the current importance of the regions and sites to be visited
Exciting projects - during the field trips for a more meaningful experience to help you better understand the sites
Wrap-up sessions - upon your return to help you consolidate what you have learned


Participation in academic field trips is compulsory as they supplement the academic program and involve coursework. The trips will give you a chance to boost your knowledge by exploring major sites relevant to ancient, medieval or modern Greek history.

Out of the Classroom and into the Palaces! - An Academic Field Trip to Crete: Kalei Oliver, CYA Fall '18, reports.