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May 2018

CYA's 2nd Annual Student Conference

 CYA’s 2nd Annual Student Conference, Concepts of Urban Design and Public Space in Greece Throughout the Ages took place on May 2 -3, 2018.

The Annual CYA Student Conference is a long inspired dream of our academic community and reflects CYA’s dedication to building strong academic foundations for our students.

The success of the 2nd Conference indicates that the annual event will become a tradition for our institution.
Click here to read more about what happened at the conference.

New York Times’ Article on Raphael Demos & The Importance of Philosophy

 On April 30, 2018, New York Times carried a very admiring article by Robert E. Rubin about Raphael Demos and the importance of Philosophy, which I thought you might like to read.

For those who have not known Raphael or his involvement with CYA, let me say that he and his wife Jean were very supportive in many ways of Ismene Phylactopoulou’s initiative to start CYA. Raphael Demos was legendary at Harvard (among his students was Martin Luther King).

When he retired he taught as a visiting professor at McGill and Vanderbilt. He and Jean eventually settled in Athens and CYA had the benefit to have Raphael act as Academic Director and teach a philosophy class. He died in 1968, symbolically in mid-ocean, on one of their trips back to the US.

At a memorial service held on September 18, 1968 Professor Roderick Firth said about Raphael Demos, “Raphael’s effectiveness as a teacher had its roots in the source of all good teaching. He cared – he really cared – about reaching his students, not so much to win them to some particular point of view, for he was able to discuss Plato and William James with equal enthusiasm, but rather to open their eyes to the delights that he himself found in the study of philosophy. There is no substitute for this kind of motivation”.

Alexis Phylactopoulos, CYA President

Link to the Article: Robert E. Rubin: Philosophy Prepared Me for a Career in Finance and Government

April 2018

CYA/DIKEMES Public Lecture: “The Urban Realities of Athens"

Keynote speech at CYA's 2nd Annual Student Conference by Vassilis Sgoutas

Wednesday 2 May 2018 7:30 p.m.
A reception will follow
Daphne & George Hatsopoulos Hall
CYA/DIKEMES 5 Plateia Stadiou,

For more information go to the event page

March 2018

CYA Lecture Series – Combat Trauma in Vergil’s Aeneid

Combat Trauma in Vergil’s Aeneid - A lecture by Professor Vassiliki Panoussi

Prof. Panoussi will examine Vergil’s Aeneid through the prism of current theories on emotional trauma and its relation to the ancient concept of excellence in battle (aristeia). She argues that the controversial ending of the Aeneid points to the fragility of the hero’s mental state and contemplates the problem of trauma and recovery for warrior, leader, and empire.

Vassiliki Panoussi is Professor of Classical Studies at William & Mary and Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall College and the Faculty of Classics at the University of Cambridge

Details: Wednesday 11 April – 7:30 p.m. – CYA/DIKEMES Auditorium – A reception will follow
Follow this link for more information

CYA Spring '18 Field Trip to the Peloponnese

On Tuesday, February 27, CYA students set off on a 5-day field trip to the Peloponnese. Students followed on-site classes according to their courses and specialist study areas led by Professors John Karavas, Steve Diamant, Robert Pitt, Hüseyin Öztürk, Angelos Papadopoulos, as well as additional educational tours provided by professor Romolo Gandolfo, Maria Vidali, and Costas Papacostantinou.

The carefully designed program journeyed students through the Bronze Age, Classical Antiquity, and Late Antiquity in the Middle Ages. They witnessed the influence and effects of the Byzantine Empire, Frankish, Venetian and Ottoman Rule, and learned about the key figures in the Greek War of Independence and the birth of Modern Greece flowing into Contemporary Greece, its architecture, urban design, and its environmental and sustainability issues.

Take to a look at the full photo album of the Sp '18 Peloponnese trip.
Follow this link for more highlights on the trip

February 2018

Intercultural Awareness Abroad - CYA attends WISE Conference

CYA's Katie Sievers (Associate Director, Campus Relations) attended the 10th Annual Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE) Conference in Winston-Salem, NC.

Hosted by Wake Forest University, the WISE Conference is an opportunity for faculty, university administrators, and study abroad professionals to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help students advance their intercultural skills and awareness during their abroad experiences.

Over the course of two days, Katie participated in a broad range of sessions and presentations and brought back tools that will help CYA better prepare students to engage mindfully with the Greek context and, consistently with CYA's mission, return home committed to furthering intercultural understanding in their communities.

Upcoming Events

CYA will be present at the following Conferences. We will be happy to meet with members of the study abroad community.

* March 20-23: The Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference (Boston, MA)
* April 5-11: Diversity Abroad Annual Conference (Miami, FL)
* May 27-June 1: NAFSA Annual Conference (Philadelphia, PA)

January 2018

Voula Field School 2018

CYA commenced its first academic program of 2018 with the Voula Field School winter intersession.

The program led by CYA professors John Karavas (Excavation Director) and Angelos Papadopoulos (Field Supervisor) in cooperation with the Piraeus Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, invites Archaeology students to Greece to gain hands-on experience excavating the ancient Athenian deme of Aixonides Halai.

In an exciting new collaborative venture between the University of Sydney’s Department of Archaeology and CYA, for the very first time, we hosted 20 Archaeology students from Australia who took part in the excavation in the seaside town of Voula.

For some, it was their first opportunity to be involved in an archaeological excavation of this kind, giving them a unique chance to sharpen their practical skills. Follow our blog to learn more about their discoveries - coming soon!

AIA/SCS Joint Annual meeting in Boston

On January 5th, CYA hosted its annual reception in conjunction with the joint meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and the Society for Classical Studies (SCS), in Boston.

CYA President, Alexis Phylactopoulos, Theoni Scourta (Vice President of Academics), and Robert Pitt (CYA Professor) represented CYA; all three attended the AIA/SCS meeting, where Professor Pitt presented his paper on “New Inscribed Clamps and Dowels from the Athenian Propylaia.” Follow this link to read more about the event.