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April 2019

SPRING 2019 Workshop on Greek Textual Criticism and Palaeography

This workshop will offer an introduction to textual criticism and Greek palaeography, and will provide students with an understanding of the methodology and sources for the reconstruction of anient literature. It will also offer an insight into transmission of texts from ancient to modern times and the significance of the reconstruction of ancient texts.

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March 2019

CYA at the Forum of Education Abroad

College Year in Athens proudly participates in the 15th Annual Conference of the Forum of Education Abroad that takes place in Denver, on March 27-29, 2019. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Broadening the Circle of Education Abroad’ and its goal is to create a space for shared dialogue to explore the pressing issues of education abroad for today and for the future. Find us at booth number 53!

February 2019

New at CYA - Psychology Courses

 CYA will begin offering Psychology courses starting this fall.

The Biology of Consciousness, a Neuroscience/Psychology course, will be offered in the fall of 2019, taught by visiting faculty Nicholas G Hatsopoulos, Ph.D., a Professor at the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago.

Trauma and the Remaking of the Self will be added to CYA’s course offerings in spring 2020. This course will be taught by Eleni Koukouna, professional psychologist with extensive practice with refugees, migrants, and unaccompanied minors.

December 2018

CYA on the Top 10 Programs of 2018 in

College Year in Athens is on the list of the 10 Best Study Abroad Programs in 2018 compiled by "With a diversity of courses in your reach, you'll leave the program as intelligent and forward-thinking as the historical philosophers and intellectuals you've only read about!"

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October 2018

CYA 3rd Annual Student Conference – Call for Papers

College Year in Athens is proud to announce its 3rd Annual Student Conference: “The Iconography of Power: Art, Politics, Propaganda & Religion in the Mediterranean across Time.”

The conference will take place in Athens on May 2 and 3, 2019.  CYA students are invited to submit abstracts for papers exploring the various aspects of iconography.

The National Herald Article: "CYA is a Life Transforming Experience"

College Year in Athens is featured in The National Herald’s special edition about “Study Abroad in Greece.” The edition presents parents and students of all ages the finest programs and institutions that make study in Greece a life enriching and potentially transforming experience.

CYA President Alexis Phylactopoulos explains how the school helps its students achieve their study abroad goals, from enhancing their academic experience to exploring the Greek culture and growing as individuals.

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Public Lecture: "Climate Change and a Solution with Dividends"

Henry Jakubowski, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry College of St. Benedict/St. John's University, Director of the Fall 2018 CSBSJU program at CYA, will give a presentation on "Climate Change and a Solution with Dividends". The lecture will take place on Monday 8 October, at 2:00 p.m. at Daphne and Hatsopoulos Hall.
Scientists believe that climate change and its consequences are the most critical issues facing humankind.

Yet the scientific consensus that present climate change is caused by humans has not been accepted by many people in the present populist and politicized era.
This presentation will focus on the science and consequences of climate change, the barriers to addressing it, and an emerging bipartisan approach that gives hope that humanity can indeed face this challenge.

September 2018

“Cultivating Respect for Homework”: an article by CYA Academic Director, Theoni Scourta, featured on Business Partners magazine

In the latest issue of Business Partners, the bimonthly magazine of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, thought leaders in education weigh into the homework debate.

Theoni Scourta, Vice President for Academic Affairs at College Year in Athens (CYA), discusses the undebatable and indisputable importance of homework in higher education, in her article “Cultivating Respect for Homework”.

She explains that the debate should be on how to better teach students instead, focusing on the type of assignments given to them. “A combination of assignments that promote autonomy and group work is best, and this exact combination is actually at the core of our institution’s learning philosophy”.

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August 2018

CYA/DIKEMES FALL 2018 Workshop: Ancient Economies: Networks and Trade in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean

The workshop taught by Dr. Angelos Papadopoulos explores the various political and social units of the central and eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Cyprus and the Syro-Palestinian coast) through periods of fundamental social transformation from the Bronze Age to the foundation of Constantinople.

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