Volunteering & Internships

"It is easy to get stuck in the routines of our everyday lives, mindlessly complaining about the traffic, or how long our reading assignment for class is, or not getting enough sleep. But when you experience the amount of joy that radiates from every single individual at a shelter like this, you forget about the petty things in life,"
Rachael Bittick (Athens Hope Cafe)- University of Michigan

Gain Experience and Help Others

We help dozens of students to arrange volunteer or internship experiences; CYA students have done everything from volunteering in law firms to serving at local soup kitchens and assisting beekeepers.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and build friendships and networks while in Athens. CYA is also a Bonner Approved study abroad program, which means Bonner Leaders & Scholars are able to satisfy their required community service through study abroad at CYA in Greece.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for volunteering cover many different areas, including: refugee aid, soup kitchens, environmental groups, animal welfare, special needs education, film and theater, writing and editing, libraries, museums, art galleries, kindergartens, marketing and advertising, and various non-profit organizations. Internships at some organizations may be arranged as part of specific courses.

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CYA Media Lab Internship

We offer a fantastic in-house opportunity for students interested in building their portfolio, knowledge, and skills in digital media and communications. Applications for the CYA Media Lab Internship are open to all CYA students prior to the beginning of each semester, and application deadlines are announced beforehand.

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Collaborating Organizations

CYA has a strong network of contacts in Athens. Below are details of just some of the organizations with which we collaborate and some of the opportunities on offer.


NGO - Volunteering in the clothing donation center

The Blegen Library

At the American School of Classical Studies


Athens Authentic Marathon

Volunteering with the community and athletes during the race



Environment, ecology and climate change projects


World Wildlife Fund

Environment and animal-related projects


Preserving cultural heritage in Greece


Caritas Hellas

Teaching English to immigrants and refugees, working in soup kitchen

Friends of the Cat Nine Lives Greece

Feeding stray animals in Athens


Museum of Cycladic Art

Intern in social media and museum studies


Missionaries of Charity

Soup Kitchens and community work helping the disadvantaged


Doctors of the World Doctors Without Borders

Students work with refugees, in hospitals, and in soup kitchens


The Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research


Amnesty International

Migration, asylum seeker and human rights projects


The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy



Help save the Mediterranean sea turtles


O Artopoiitis Bakery

Baking sweets at a local Pangrati bakery


Athens Insider

Journalism and writing for an Athenian English-language magazine

Athenian Agora Excavation

Promising students can apply for the ASCSA summer excavation in the Athenian Agora



Feeding the hungry in Athens

Repo(we)r Greece

a grass-roots organization redefining Greece by confronting prevailing misconceptions