Student Life

CYA provides you with a variety of resources to help ensure that your study abroad experience is successful one in every way, balancing academics with travel and social activities. The facilities and resources will allow you to make the most of your time at CYA.
From a full week of orientation activities to the farewell dinner, both the CYA staff and faculty are dedicated to helping you not only adjust to a new environment but to understand, appreciate and finally to love it.

Student Resources

You will find our internal website, CYA.inAthens, a helpful resource while you are in Athens. It features announcements about events happening at CYA and in Athens and Greece, along with useful links to library resources, directories, schedules, emergency numbers, guides, maps, etc.

Adjusting to a New Culture

Adjusting to a new culture, an unfamiliar language, a different academic environment, and new room-mates—all at once—can be daunting. CYA’s friendly and experienced administrative staff is committed to helping ease the transition and address ongoing concerns. CYA administrators have an "open door" policy, and students should feel free to drop in for a talk at any time. The Director of Student Affairs is always on hand to deal with minor emotional problems (such as difficulties with roommates, adjustment problems, homesickness, etc.) and to give encouragement and help. In more serious cases, specialist help is available.

Personal Growth and Development

Nadia Meliniotis, CYA'S Executive Director of Student Affairs, has many years of experience in dealing with students’ problems and social issues and with their personal growth and development while they are in Athens. Nadia knows and understands students and deals with their concerns including homesickness, getting along with peers, minor psychological problems, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy and just the difficulty in adapting themselves to a new country, She is interested in and learns each individual's unique needs, concerns, hobbies, special interests and tries to find ways to accommodate them and advises students on finding their own path to fulfillment while they are in Greece.

Student Handbook

As soon as you check-in you will be given a welcome packet everything you need to navigate the first week. The packet includes a copy of the CYA Student Handbook, an excellent resource of information and tips on matters such as personal safety, emergency procedures banking, transportation and travel, restaurants, entertainment and also contains useful emergency telephone numbers, including the CYA 24-hours emergency number.