CYA Reflections

CYA Reflections

No one knows what it’s like to spend a summer studying in Greece with CYA better than our students. Here’s a few quotes from our recent alumni:
"Greece boasts one of the kindest populations I have ever experienced, making what would have been an otherwise challenging culture-shock a virtually effortless transition. Thanks to CYA, this summer I was introduced to many colleagues and scholars with whom I will stay in touch for years to come as our careers progress."
Asia Del Bonis-O’Donnell, Yale University, Summer 2017

"Studying abroad in the summer allows you to go abroad without getting behind in your academic plan. Studying abroad allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, both with new subject matter and new travel experiences." 
Carly Yon, Fairfield University, Summer ‘18

"The duration of a summer abroad enables the individual to shed the lens of the tourist and truly immerse themselves in the Greek culture. In hindsight, I recognize little milestones that marked my assimilation into Greek life, like no longer relying on Google maps to get to the Acropolis and making friends with my favorite kebab chef."
Odelia Teo, Yale-NUS College, Summer ‘17

"The experiential learning of study abroad was life-changing. It’ s one thing to study the New Testament in a classroom in Virginia, but entirely different to walk the roads of Philippi and physically follow Saint Paul’s journeys."

Sarah Ruckle, U of Virginia, Summer ‘18

"I was able to learn so much about Greek culture through the people, the places, and the food. Immersing myself into a new culture, I had to be able to adapt to new and difficult situations, which will benefit me in the future. Studying abroad is challenging, and that is what makes it so beneficial."
Angelica Karafas, UNC Chapel Hill, Summer 2018

"Studying abroad this past summer enriched my life more than words can say. I came to realize the breadths and depths of the world, and a new love for adventure and travel has been awakened within me."
Savannah Morgan, UNC — Chapel Hill, Summer ‘18

"Getting to live in a country with such history and such a vibrant present was an experience I will probably never have again, and will definitely never forget."

Allison Ruvidich, UNC Chapel Hill, Summer 18

"Spending a summer at CYA gives you the opportunity to learn hands-on in a country that is so unbelievably rich in culture."
Alexandra Niforos, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Summer ‘18

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