Expand Your Horizons
Exploring the ruins of the Byzantine city of Mystras situated on the foothills of Mt. Taygetos overlooking Evrotas River valley and the city of Sparta.
An Outstanding Faculty
CYA students get hands-on experience from a faculty with expertise in their fields and they enjoy the close collaboration with the faculty that CYA's small classes provide.
Discussing Cyprus in Cyprus
Experience first-hand the complex issues challenging Greece and Europe today - the refugee crisis, the euro zone, regional security and others.
Pursue Your Dreams
Spring CYA student, Aegean Half Marathon runner, Lily Rogers-Grant with her friends and supporters. Lily finished in an impressive 1 hour 50 minutes!
Summer Programs in Greece
Exciting summer courses in a range of topics on sustainability, migration crisis, Mediterranean diet, creative writing, ancient cultures, and archaeological excavating.
Experience the Originals
A hallmark of the CYA program is its emphasis on experiential learning. Through faculty led field trips and on-site teaching the students come into immediate contact with the subjects.
Archaeological Fieldwork
CYA has two courses with hands-on archaeological fieldwork. One is a summer program on the islet of Despotiko and the other is a winter intersession program at Aixonides Halai, a site near Athens.