On your mark
CYA students preparing to race as the ancients did in the first Olympic stadium. Both fall and spring semester programs visit Ancient Olympia during a 5-day field trip to the Pelopponse.
Summer Courses for 2015
Exciting summer courses in a range of topics on sustainability, Mediterranean diet, writing creative non-fiction, Egyptian & Greek cultures, archaeological excavating, gender roles in Ancient Athens
Archaeological Fieldwork
The summer program on the islet of Despotiko introduces students to archaeological fieldwork methods and theory through active participation in systematic excavation of the sanctuary of Apollo.
If you're a classics major
On-site teaching is a hallmark of the CYA study abroad program. Here A361 The Archaeology of Athens class meets inside the Parthenon with Dr. John Karavas.
A Variety of Disciplines
Over half of CYA students come from academic disciplines other than classics or ancient Greek studies. They find a variety of courses in the humanities which give insight into modern Greece.