Urban Planning
CYA will add a new academic discipline in Urban Planning & Sustainability in spring semester 2015 with 3 core courses that focus on major projects currently transforming Athens.
Study Travel
Study Travel has always been integral to the CYA program. Besides the three major field trips each semester, there are three optional faculty-led weekend trips and plenty of many long weekends for students to travel on their own.
Levels of Civilization
Exploring the many levels of Greek civilization from prehistory to modern. CYA field trips provide a holistic experience of Greece - its environment, history and culture throughout the ages.
Expanding your options
"Greece for a journalist or a political scientist is one of the most dynamic and interesting countries in the world - so often cited, so little understood..." George Mesthos CYA Spring 2008
Hands-on Activities
CYA offers students a variety of extra-curricular activities to enrich their time in Athens. Here students are participating in an excavation at Voula during a 2-week program before the start of the spring semester .
Friends for life
A special bond and lifelong friendships are formed among CYAers during their semester or year in Athens. The OWL Newsletter and reunions help former classmates keep in touch.