Spring in Greece at CYA
Check out the highlights of CYA's spring semester. Applications for spring 2016 are still being accepted.
Engaged and Engaging Faculty
CYA students have the advantage of being taught by an experienced faculty of experts, most of whom hold doctorates. In addition, they enjoy the easy access to the faculty that CYA's small classes provide.
Greece Today
For such a small country Greece is certainly in the news --- a lot! Which is just one of the reasons that make it such a great place to study and experience first-hand some of today's complex issues.
Field trip to the Peloponnese
The fall field trip to the Peloponnese takes CYA students to the Bronze Age site of Mycenae with their group leader, David Scahill, an expert in the field of architectural history.
Archaeological Fieldwork
CYA has two courses with hands-on archaeological fieldwork. One is a summer program on the islet of Despotiko and the other is a winter intersession program at Aixonides Halai, a site near Athens.
Summer Courses for 2016
Exciting summer courses in a range of topics on sustainability, migration crisis Mediterranean diet, writing creative non-fiction, Egyptian & Greek cultures, and archaeological excavating.