The courses listed below are indicative of those usually offered in fall and spring respectively and are intended to help prospective students begin to plan their semester/year abroad. As soon as each semester's courses offerings and class schedule are finalized they are posted on the website, and accepted students are notification by e-mail that registration has opened. Students submit their course selections via e-mail to the CYA Registrar.
Fall Semester
Semester Course Disciplines
A/E373/473 Modern Athens: Space, Art and Urban Cultures Anthropology / Art & Archaeology
A331 (A431) Aegean & Ancient Greek Art & Archaeology Art & Archaeology
A353 (A453) Greek Vase-Painting: Gods, Heroes, and Monsters Art & Archaeology
A361 (A461) The Topography and Monuments of Athens Art & Archaeology
A362 (A462) Ancient Greek Sculpture Art & Archaeology
A372 (A472) Ancient Materials and Technologies in the Greek World Art & Archaeology
C101 Beginning Ancient Greek (1st Semester) Classical Languages
C201 Ancient Greek: Attic Prose Classical Languages
C211 Intermediate Latin Classical Languages
C305 Ancient Greek: Thucydides Classical Languages
C311 Advanced Latin Classical Languages
E333 (E433) The Culture of Modern Greece: The Ethnography of a Society in Transition Anthropology
G350 (G450) The Natural Environment of Greece: From Landscape Ecology to Conservation Environmental Studies
H355 (H455) Sports, Games and Spectacles in the Graeco-Roman World History
H359 (H459) A History of Byzantium: The Eastern Roman Empire and Its Lasting Legacy History
H368 (H468) To the Strongest: The Ancient Near East from the Death of Alexander to the Coming of Rome History
H385/485 Is this the center of the world? Modern Greece: From Revolutionary Visions to the European Crisis History
M101 Modern Greek (Beginners I: First Semester of First Year) Modern Greek Language
M101A Modern Greek Accerlated (Beginners I: First Semester of First Year) Modern Greek Language
M102 Modern Greek (Beginners II: Second Semester of First Year) Modern Greek Language
M201 Modern Greek (Intermediate: First Semester of Second Year) Modern Greek Language
M202 Modern Greek (Intermediate: Second Semester of Second Year) Modern Greek Language
M301 Modern Greek (Level: other) Modern Greek Language
P356 (P456) The Concept of Life in Ancient Greek Philosophy & Its Relevance Today Philosophy
P415 Action in Ancient Greek and Contemporary Analytical Philosophy Philosophy
R332 (R432) Ancient Greek Mythology and Religion Religion
R350 (R450) The Religions of the Middle East: A Comparative Approach Religion
S/Ec/326 (S/Ec/426) Crisis and Recovery in Greece and Europe Economics / Political Science, International Relations
S348 (S448) Immigrants, Citizenship and Nationalism in Europe Political Science, International Relations
S361 (S461) Peace, Conflict and International Politics: Lessons from the Mediterranean Region Political Science, International Relations
U371 Contemporary Urbanism: 10 Narratives of Design and Change in Athens Urbanism & Sustainability
Independent Study Disciplines
T401 - T402 Honors Tutorial Independent Study