FIELD TRIP: Epidaurus Theater in the Peloponnese. (Bryn Bernheimer (Colby College, CYA Fall '10))
FIELD TRIP: At Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese. (Amy Allen (UNC at Chapel Hill, CYA Fall '10))
FIELD TRIP: CYA goes to Delphi, site of the most important oracle in the classical Greek world, both semesters.
FIELD TRIP: A class at the Minoan site of Knossos during the first field trip of fall semester to Crete.
FIELD TRIP: Students stop for a picnic on Acro-Corinth.
FIELD TRIPS: Mystras situated at the foot of Mt. Taygetos, near ancient Sparta, once served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
FIELD TRIP: Students and CYA President relax at the end of a hike through the Samaria Gorge on the last day of the trip to Crete.
The trips were excellent
and gave me a hands-on
perspective on history
in a way that I never
had the opportunity
to experience before.
Study-travel is an integral part of the CYA curriculum and brings students into direct contact with the people, geography, landscape, natural beauty, history, civilization, sites, and monuments of Greece. Study-travel engages students in what Philip Sherrard called “the pursuit of Greece,” inspiring a process of discovery that can spark a life-long interest. Not surprisingly, most students identify study-travel as their most cherished experience in the CYA program.

Students visit major sites relevant to ancient, Byzantine, or modern Greek history during substantial trips to Crete, the Peloponnese, and Central and Northern Greece. Itineraries vary between the fall and spring semesters and according to the academic focus of each group of students within the student body. Trips are conducted by faculty and other experts who have special knowledge of the relevant sites and locales.