Study Travel

Being there

(It's)...surreal standing in places you’ve spent your life reading about. To have your shoes communicating with stones that have known feet before the first letters of the Bible were scratched on parchment...

from Joshua Chun Wah Kam's blog on the field trip to Crete (Fall 2015)

Explore Greece, Europe and beyond

Study-travel is an integral part of the CYA semester program. You will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of interesting sites and locations in Greece - some of the most impressive and beautiful in the world. In addition, you can take advantage of the many other travel opportunities either within or outside of Greece.

Throughout the semester study travel is broken up into:

  • Academic Field Trips
  • Optional Study Trips
  • Other CYA Organized Trips

Academic Field Trips

Academic field trips are an integral part of your CYA curriculum. You will be visiting major sites relevant to ancient, medieval or modern Greek history. Each semester there are 3 field trips (a total of 12 days). The fall semester goes to to the Peloponnese, Delphi and Crete. Spring semester goes to the Peloponnese, Delphi and to northern Greece/Thessaloniki. Itineraries vary between the fall and spring semesters and according to the academic focus of each group of students within the student body. Trips are conducted by faculty from a variety of disciplines and other experts who have extensive knowledge of the relevant sites and regions.

Each field trip has a pre-departure lecture which cover the historical background and the current importance of the regions and sites to be visiting. In addition, a full description of each trip with learning objectives and a bibliography is available to the students ro help them prepare for a more meaningful experience. Upon return wrap-up sessions are conducted to help students consolidate what they have learned.

Participation in the field trips is required as they complement the course work. Also, the trips will give you a chance to experience first-hand historically and culturally important sites and regions of Greece and bring into closer contact with its people and landscape.

Optional Study Trips

The three day Optional Study Trhips are led by experienced faculty. These trips supplement the academic program providing an opportunity to experience significant aspects of Greek and Mediterranean history and culture.

Each semester CYA plans three optional trips. Details are sent to all accepted students before the semester begins and are posted on the website.

  • Fall 2016 Optional Study Trips
    • The Island of Andros
    • Meteora, Metsovo & Ioannina 
    • Cyprus
  • Spring 2017 Optional Study Trips
    • Venice/Ravenna, Italy
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • The Island of Crete

The cost of Optional Study Trips is not covered by the tuition but is kept low so that most students find them very affordable. The trips usually take place over a 3-day weekend. Accepted students will find detailed information about the trips and how to apply early by logging in and going to Optional Trips on My Semester Checklist.

Other CYA Organized Trips

In addition to the faculty-led Optional Study Trips, various other trips are organized by CYA throughout the academic year depending on opportunities and student interest. Students get to experience various aspects of Greek life outside of the capital.

A few examples from past semesters include:
  • Hiking trip to Mt. Olympus (every semester!)
  • Day at a farm in Halkida to harvest olives and grapes
  • Visit to the Lazarides Winery
  • Weekend retreats to  Mt. Athos Monastery (males)
  • Kyaking trip in western Greece
  • Weekend sailing cruise

Individual Travel

CYA's academic calendar is organized so that you will  have many opportunities to travel on your own. Typically classes are taught Monday through Thursday leaving 3 days free for weekend travel. In addition, there is a semester break and all of the Greek National Holidays are free. Most CYA students take advantage of their free time to travel. You will have great variety of destinations to choose from as travelling from Greece is convenient. Perhaps you would like to experience the popular traditional travel destinations in Europe, you might choose to visit a historic capital of one of the Balkan countries, or you could opt to travel to Israel or Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. You might elect to stay within Greece. There are a countless number of islands waiting or you might go to some of the lesser known regions of mainland Greece. Many students find that is a chance to get to know the "real" Greece and Greeks and for some it is a chance to seek out and connect with distant relatives and their heritage.