Study Travel

(It's)...surreal standing in places you’ve spent your life reading about. To have your shoes communicating with stones that have known feet before the first letters of the Bible were scratched on parchment...

from Joshua Chun Wah Kam's blog on the field trip to Crete (Fall 2015)

Explore Greece, Europe and beyond

Study-travel is an integral part of the CYA program and combines academics, history, contemporary culture and personal exploration. You will get a chance to visit a wide range of interesting sites some of the most impressive and beautiful in the world. Study-travel is broken up into Field trips and Optional trips. Itineraries vary between the fall and spring semesters and according to the academic focus of each group of students. Trips are led by faculty and experts who have extensive knowledge of the relevant sites and locales.

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 Individual Travel 

CYA's academic calendar is organized so that you will  have many opportunities to travel on your own. You can take advantage of many travel opportunities either within or outside of Greece.

Typically classes are taught Monday through Thursday leaving 3 days free for weekend travel. In addition, there is a semester break and all of the Greek National Holidays are free. Most CYA students take advantage of their free time to travel. You will have great variety of destinations to choose from as travelling from Greece is convenient. Perhaps you would like to experience the popular traditional travel destinations in Europe, you might choose to visit a historic capital of one of the Balkan countries, or you could opt to travel to Israel or Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. You might elect to stay within Greece. There are a countless number of islands waiting or you might go to some of the lesser known regions of mainland Greece. Many students find that is a chance to get to know the "real" Greece and Greeks and for some it is a chance to seek out and connect with distant relatives and their heritage.