Fall at CYA

Experience the Magnificence of Greece in Fall

Fall provides countless opportunities to enjoy Greece's wonderful countryside and its beautiful beaches. In Greece, September is still considered summertime and as it's the off-peak season you can take advantage of much quieter beaches and inexpensive travel opportunities within Greece. The average monthly temperature floats around 30C/86F, making ideal conditions for swimming and island hopping.  One of the highlights of the season is our CYA field trip to Crete, where you will get the chance to experience all aspects of the island's rich history and culture.

In and around Athens, you can visit many of the open air movie theaters and the take advantage of the lively outdoor cafe and dining culture well into October. The clear blue sunshine filled skies allow for many outdoor activities such as hiking old trails on the mainland and exploring the ancient city on foot. The trees start to change color in October, and the countryside takes on a life of its own as the olive and grape harvest season approaches. You can go on olive or grape picking trips, or visit Greece’s state-of-the-art wineries and see how olive oil is produced in countless olive mills across the countryside.

Fall semester trips may include visits to the following sites:

The Peloponnese
_ Mycenae
_ Corinth
_ Nauplion
_ Epidauros
_ Tiryns & Learna
_ Sparta
_ Mystras
_ Messene
_ Franchthi Cave
_ Nemea
_ Ancient Olympia


_ Ancient Delphi site and museum
_ Picturesque village of Arachova
_ Byzantine Monastery of Ossios Loukas Monastery.

_ The Palace of Knossos
_ Spinaloga Islet
_ Archaeological Museum of Heraklio
_ Gortyn archaeological site
_ Ideon Andro (Cave)
_ Anogeia Traditional Village
_ Phaestos
_ Matala
_ Fourni, Vathypetro & Archanes
_ Museum of Ancient Eleftherna
_ Arkadi Monastery
_ Fortetsa castle at Rethymno
_ WW II Allies Cemetery in Souda
_ Imbros Gorge 
_ Fragokastello beach
_ Old Port of Chania