Optional Study Trips

Boost Your Knowledge & Experiences

Three-day Optional Study Trips provide added opportunities to explore places of interest within Greece and Europe in addition to the semester’s field trips. Led by experienced faculty, the trips combine academics, history, contemporary culture and personal exploration. Each semester we plan three optional trips which usually take place over a 3-day weekend. Details are sent to all accepted students before the semester begins and are posted on the website.

Fall 2016 Optional Study Trips

The Island of Andros
Meteora, Metsovo & Ioannina

Spring 2017 Optional Study Trips

Venice/Ravenna, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
The Island of Crete

Applications & Fees

The cost of Optional Study Trips is not covered by the tuition but is kept low so that most students find them very affordable. Accepted students will find detailed information about the trips and how to apply early by logging in and going to Optional Trips on My Semester Checklist.