Extracurricular Activities

Get out, join in, have fun

Being a student at CYA means you will have the chance to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities which we run each semester. Many of these activities will enhance your understanding of Greek culture and immerse you in the vibrant local scene. Here are a few of the activities that we have organized in past semesters:

Greek dancing lessons
Greek cooking lessons
Embroidery classes
Film and theater
Various sports and athletic activities
Basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby
Horseback riding, fencing
Sailing, scuba diving
Running the Athens Classic Marathon (fall semester)
Walking, hiking and skiing weekends on Mt. Olympus and Mt. Parnassos
Orange and olive picking
Weekend retreats to a monastery or a nunnery
*Most of the above activities require supplemental fees.

Explore on your own

We encourage you to strike out on your own to explore and find outlets that express your individual interests. Getting involved in outside activities will also help you find friends with similar interests but most of all have fun.  Athens is a rich cultural environment with a wealth of things to do, from attending concerts in the Megaron Mousikis (Concert Hall) of Athens, joining the Athens Singers or painting in an Athenian artist's studio, to volunteering at a local soup kitchen.  
Wondering how to keep up your dance lessons while you're here, looking for art supplies, or wondering where the best jazz bar is? Check in with the Student Affairs Office.

For Runners

We are able to offer complimentary entry to the Panathenaic Stadium to those students who wish to experience the thrill of running in the Stadium that held the first Modern Olympics in 1896. One of the most popular landmarks in Athens, the Panathenaic also known as the Kallimármaro (meaning the "beautifully marbled"), is the only stadium in the world built entirely by marble and is one of the oldest
in the world. It is also the place from where the Olympic flame starts its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games. The CYA Academic Center is located beside the Stadium’s Plaza. Those interested in keeping up with their running record times, or those who simply wish to experience it once, please let the Student Affairs Director know upon arrival or early in the semester.