Payment & Refund Policy

Summer Payment Schedule

  • For those who are accepted before March 10th, a confirmation deposit of $400 per course is due within 3 weeks of acceptance, with the balance due on April 1st.

  • For those who are accepted after March 10th, full payment is due on April 1st.

  • If Application is submitted after April 1st, full payment must be included.

  • Those who are expecting financial assistance that will not be available before April 1st should pay the deposit(s) and include a statement from their financial aid office giving the amount of aid expected and the anticipated date of disbursement.

Summer Refund Policies

In the event of withdrawal:

  • Students who withdraw before April 1st will be refunded 75% of the confirmation deposit ($300 per course).
  • Students who withdraw between April 1st and three weeks before the official start date of the program will be refunded 50% of the program fee.
  • No refunds will be given if a student withdraws within three weeks of the official start date of the program.
  • All payments must be in US dollars. Checks should be made payable to ‘College Year in Athens, Inc.

For questions on any matters concerning finances, please contact the Bursar at