Application & Fees

When planning how to finance study abroad students should explore all options that may be available to them. First they should discuss with their study abroad and financial aid advisors the possibility of transferring all or some of their existing financial aid package toward College Year in Athens fees. (Please keep in mind that the home institution, not College Year in Athens, must process all applications for Federal and State aid.)


The CYA Board of Trustees has set aside funds for supplemental scholarships for academically qualified students who would otherwise not be able to attend. Scholarships for students applying for a semester or academic year are customarily awarded in amounts ranging from $500 to approximately half the amount of tuition.

These scholarships are intended as credit against CYA fees and should not be used to reduce the financial aid package awarded through the home institution. Since CYA scholarships are given as an adjustment in the program fees, rather than as funds received by the student, they may cause a reduction of the student's demonstrated need. Often this means that a scholarship from CYA would not be beneficial because it would cause an equivalent reduction in the amount of financial aid awarded by the applicant's home school.

An application for a CYA scholarship must be submitted first to the study abroad office and the financial aid office at the student's home institution. Along with the application students must turn in copies their parents' and their own previous year's tax forms. Directions are on the scholarship application form. 

Semester/Year 2016-2017

Download and read carefully all directions.
If you have any question, please call 617 868-8200.

Only students who have been accepted to College Year in Athens for a semester or academic year will be considered for an award.

For consideration in the primary allotment of CYA scholarship aid (fall and spring semesters), complete applications should be received by April 1.

Those applying after the deadline should follow the guidelines below:.

Late fall applications should send their  paperwork in as soon as possible and will be considered on a rolling basis.
Late spring applications should send their paperwork in by October 15. Their applications will be reviewed at the end of October.
Later spring applications will be reviewed thereafter on a rolling basis as long as funds are available.

Please direct questions on any of these matters to the College Year in Athens North American Office (617 868-8200).

  • Ismene Phylactopoulou Memorial Scholarship: This endowed scholarship, in memory of Ismene Phylactopoulou, founder and first Director of College Year in Athens, was created by the contributions of alumni and supporters of CYA.
  • George S. Phylactopoulos Memorial Scholarship: Partly funded by Dr. and Mrs. George Hatsopoulos, this scholarship was instituted to honor the man who had a critical involvement with College Year in Athens from its inception and for over 30 years.
  • Raphael and Jean Demos Scholarship: This award was established by the Trustees so that the names of two great educators who encouraged and influenced the Program from the beginning may be continually honored.
The following four scholarships have been established to recognize the important contributions to the Program made by dedicated educator who were involved in the development of College Year in Athens.
  • H.D.F. Kitto Scholarship: Taught Ancient Greek Languages and Attic Tragedy for CYA between 1965 and 1980.
  • Catherine Koumarianou Scholarship: Catherine Koumarianou taught Modern Greek History and Modern Greek Language between 1966 and 1991, and was a member of the Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2007.
  • Robert Lane Scholarship: Robert Lane taught Philosophy between 1974 and 1997.
  • Harry L. Levy Scholarship: Harry L. Levy taught Advanced Ancient Greek in 1971-72 and was a member of the Board of Advisors from 1966 to 1981.
The Alumni Award : This award is supported by the generous donations of former CYA students.
Caraganis-Welt Scholarship: This is an annual award to a history major, funded by Mrs. Joan Caraganis Jacobson, CYA '65, in honor of her parents.

In addition, students should check out various independent scholarships available for those who wish to study abroad. For example, students who are U.S. citizens may also apply for the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship (link to information but should note the early deadlines.

Another idea is to sign up for FundMyTravel: