Credit Transfer

Study Abroad Approval

Applicants to CYA programs who wish to transfer credit back to their home school must have a Study Abroad Approval/Transfer of Credit Form filled out and signed by their study abroad advisor. The form will ask you to list any conditions which must be met including those listed below:

  • Will the student be granted credit by your institution for work completed at College Year in Athens on the basis of the College Year in Athens transcript? Under other conditions?

  • What is the minimum grade needed to receive credit?

  • Are there any courses at College Year in Athens which would not receive credit?

  • Would the usual four courses per semester at CYA be considered a fulltime load or does your institution require a fifth course?

  • Does your institution require its students to take the host language?

School of Record

Although the vast majority of schools sending students to CYA grant credit based on the CYA transcript, a few require their students to go through CYA’s School of Record (SoR), Southwestern University. If you choose the SoR option on the Study Abroad Approval Form (pages 6-7 of the semester application; pages 4-5 of the summer application), there is a charge of $250, or $50 for students at Associated Colleges of the South schools.

For more information about CYA or SoR transcripts, please contact our North American office (by email at or by phone at 617-868-8200).